6 Warning Signs Of Depression In Women


When the feelings of sadness and emptiness overwhelm you constantly, it may be signs that you are depressed.

Depression can alter your way of life depriving you of energy and leaving you empty and helpless.

As of February 2018, it was stated by the World Bank that 22% of Nigerians suffer from depression. This means that at least one in ten persons is depressed.

This is why it is important to know the signs of depression so that you can spot it in yourself and others. This would help inform you on how and when to seek help.

Mental health awareness month is celebrated in the month of May to raise awareness on mental illnesses around the world.

Here are 6 warning signs of depression in women.

1. Feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and anxiety

A major sign of depression in women is a feeling of guilt and hopelessness. Women may exhibit a heightened sense of guilt when depressed as they blame themselves for mistakes they have made.

They are also prone to anxiety and fear over the smallest things leading to paranoia. Anxiety interferes with a person’s peace of mind making them obsess about little things.

If you experience this for a longer period than two weeks, please seek professional help.

2. Changes in eating pattern

Changes in a woman’s eating pattern can indicate depression as eating too much or too little suggests something is wrong . Some women turn to food for comfort by binge eating while others lose their appetite or eat less due to their low mood.

3. Loss of interest

Depression can cause a woman to lose interest in the things that they normally derived joy from.Some women find social activity overwhelming and seek isolation as result.

This sometimes comes off as laziness to people that are not conscious that this is a sign of depression.

There is this general unenthusiasm towards basic activities like eating, hobbies, and even bathing.

4. Change in sleep pattern

Usually, women that are depressed either sleep a whole lot and don’t want to leave their beds and rooms for long periods of time.

Also, on the flip side, it can cause insomnia. It can make it harder to sleep at night or can cause whoever is suffering from it to keep waking and sleeping during the night.

This change in sleep pattern can also cause tiredness and fatigue during the day which can worsen the case. A remedy can be to use sleeping aids like melatonin, smelling lavender essential oil or using calming sounds to sleep better.

Still, make sure to seek professional help if this is a persistent thing.

5. Anger

Women with depression experience irritability and anger over the most trivial things. They are easily triggered leading to an outburst.

Symptoms of anger during depression are indicators of a more severe and complex form of depressive disorder.

6. Suicidal thoughts and self-harm

Depression tends to make one feel like there is no safe place to hide. It provokes thoughts of worthlessness and general tiredness which can lead whoever is suffering to feel like their only way out is to harm themselves or take their life.

Also, when people are depressed, they tend to feel emotional pain that they try to quench by resorting to abuse of drugs, alcohol, sex, or people.

If you notice this in your friend, try to reach out to them and find out more about what they are going through in the kindest way possible.



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