Gospel Singer, Sinach Gets Recognised By Youtube With A Gold Plaque And Here’s Why

Gospel singer, Sinach is off to a great start this year as she gets awarded a gold plaque from Youtube.

The Gold Creator Award is usually presented to creators and channels that reach or surpass one million subscribers.

It usually has the creator’s name embellished on it.

She wrote: Look what came in the mail !! Thank you my friends for celebrating GoodNews music in a big way!! @youtube@youtubengcreators@youtubemusic@gosgem
I see victories and possibilities only; I’m bold and courageous. I win, irrespective of the challenges and circumstances that I face; they’re “bread” for me. As I set my gaze on God’s unfailing and eternal Word, I walk continually in victory, health, success, prosperity and righteousness, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. RoR with Pastor Chris