Start Your Brand With These 11 Small Scale Business Ideas

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No woman has to be idle, there is always something to do to make money by the side and we are all for that.

We know that there is no woman who does not have a particular chore or thing that she does so well. Yes, your thought is correct- why not make a business out of it?

There is no need to starve or be unhappy. Pick up that gift or  talent that you have and let it fetch you cool cash.

Here are 11 ways every woman can make money:

1. Catering

If you love cooking, catering is good business because of the simple fact that good food is always good business. The good thing with catering business is you can start with any amount of money – no matter how small, medium or big scale. Plus you can choose to start either outdoor catering services, indoor or both. The choice depends on how financially buoyant you are.


When you look around you, we guarantee you must know at least one woman who was able to turn her fortunes around through food/catering business. And you also know someone who needs the help of a caterer, why not build on that?

2. School runs

School runs business is another potentially profitable business idea for women. The reason is some parents might not have the time to pick their kids from school. We know people contract keke (tricycle) operator to handle their school runs for them.

So the business idea is that if you are going to pick your own kids from school anyway – and you don’t have anything urgent to do at home – you can arrange with other parents in your neighborhood and start your school runs business.

Don’t you think this is a cool way to make money?

3. Tailoring/ Fashion design

Whether or not you love sewing, this does not matter. Fashion design does not have to be very tasking.

There are cloth makers to whom you can give a contract to do the tailoring. They will make the clothes using whichever design you choose. They will even let you choose your own label and attach the labels to the clothes.

Your part will be to market these clothes in boutiques and corporate offices/ business ventures around you.

4. Raw Food Stuff Business

This is one profitable business that can bring in good returns on investment in Nigeria. Nigerians are people who love to eat more homemade foods than the fast foods, unlike their foreign counterparts. Things like rice, beans, garri, amongst other things are what would be sold.

5. Call Card Business

This type of business is also known as the recharge card business. There is hardly any adult In Nigeria who doesn’t own a phone. This is one of the reasons why those in the recharge card business are doing so well. You too can join the train as you begin to tap into the market.

6. Daycare Business

There will always be the need to make a living even after giving birth. This is one of the reasons why day care centers make good money. The services they render is second to none and is indispensable. If you have a through love for anything related to babies and kids, then you can consider starting a day care center.

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7. Rental Business

Rental business involves leasing out plastic tables and chairs, at an agreed fee, to people organizing ceremonies. This is one business that generates steady passive income. Passive income means that the business continues to generate income for the business owner with no other capital input after the first.

Rental business is most suited for workers and employees, people who have little time to commit to their business. It is very easy to keep track of your income without worrying about anyone stealing from you, plus you have enough time to do other stuff while your business grows.

8. Fabric Business

The fabric business is a very wide one in Nigeria as there are loads and loads of variety of fabrics. Before you begin to look at starting operation, you have to be sure that someone who is already doing well in the business is able to mentor you. Mentoring is important so that you can start out well.

9. Cosmetics Business

If you love beauty, then going into the cosmetics business is your best bet. For you to do really well in this business, you will need to engage in some deep research.

This is important because you will need to learn new things about the cosmetics industry that will help your business.

You can either sell or become a makeup artist. The most important thing is only to go into it if you have a love for makeup artistry.

10. Freelance Writing Business

It’s very possible to become either a full-time freelance writer earning a living, or to be a part-time freelancer supplementing a regular paid income. Another role is to simply do it for fun or to build up a broader portfolio of skills. You can turn your writing hobby into a career that doesn’t affect your day job.

11. Hairdressing

Small Scale Business Ideas For Every Woman | FabWoman

This does not need too much emphasis. You can either get a shop if you are financially buoyant or you make hair from home. The most important thing is to be focused, hard working and dedicated.