Ever Heard Of Strawberry Guava? Here Are Amazing Benefits It Offers Your Health

Ever heard strawberry guava? Strawberry guava is called as such because it looks like guava but both its color and taste resemble a strawberry. Strawberry guava fruits are full of fiber and help in weight loss as well as maintain normal blood pressure.

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Experts say that the nutritional profile of strawberry guava is similar to that of guava, although it boasts double the calcium content of guava! Other than keeping your smile and healthy bone mineral density intact, there are many other health benefits known to be provided by strawberry guava.

1. Controls Blood Sugar

The high fiber content of strawberry guava makes it so excellent for individuals with diabetes or who are at high risk of it. It’s because this tropical fruit helps keep the levels of sugar in the bloodstream stable.

2.Improves Eyesight

Vitamin A is present in high amounts in strawberry guavas. This makes it very beneficial for your eyes. Deficiency in Vitamin A can cause night blindness and poor vision. Consuming this fruit regularly can help in improving your eyesight as well as your health. It is also good for preventing cataract and ensures healthy eyes.

3. Lowers Blood Sugar

Aside from warding off constipation and spikes in blood sugar, the fact that strawberry guava is rich in fiber makes the fruit very good at keeping both cholesterol and blood pressure within the normal range. So in other words, regular consumption of strawberry guava may lower a person’s risk of having deadly heart disease.

4.Promotes Weight Loss

Strawberry guavas are very beneficial for helping you lose weight and at the same time provide you the proteins, vitamins, and fiber you need. It is a rich source of fiber, which can help you reduce cholesterol levels and improve digestion. Experts say that a high fiber diet is always great for losing weight effectively.

5.Stronger Immune System

Thanks to its rich vitamin C content, strawberry guava helps make the immune system more effective at keeping the body safeguarded from disease-causing microbes. The inclusion of strawberry guava in the diet is especially beneficial when the season for various respiratory tract infections like the cold and flu is nearing.

6.Reduced Cancer Risk

Just like so many fruits on the face of the planet, strawberry guava may help lower one’s risk of developing cancer. It’s for the fact that the tropical fruit contains superb amounts of cancer-fighting antioxidants.