7 Subtle Signs Your Partner Might Be Falling Out Of Love With You

There several phases to every relationship; the giddy phase where your partner can do no wrong to the stable phase where you and your partner seem to just get each other. The phase where nobody wants to get to however is when your partner starts to fall out of love with you.

Its starts with the niggling feeling that something is not right but you argue it away as your partner just having a bad day. With time you begin to notice more and more than he doesn’t seem to be as into you like before but you still make excuses for his actions.

Many women who get to this phase in their relationship are always either unwilling to face the imminent hurt and pain of  being rejected or they can’t just figure out what is wrong.

Although the honeymoon phase of your relationship is not expected to last forever, when you notice that things are getting drab and uninteresting  then you might need to put more effort.

On the other hand, if your partner seems to be mentally moving on already, these could be more to it. In the mean time, if he exhibits any of the signs below, it might just be that he isn’t in love anymore.

1. He seems to be drifting away

Its understandable if his schedule is tight and he can’t make time out for a meet up and explains this, but you should be concerned if he is not making any effort at all.

2. He constantly picks on you

Healthy relationships have moments where you can both bicker and argue then get over it amicably, but if your partner is being unnecessarily mean and ignores your feelings more and more, it might be that he no longer cares.

3. He doesn’t want to talk about what is wrong

Usually when someone is interested in being with you, they will make effort to get things to work again when things go wrong. But if your partner shuts down when you try to talk then he probably doesn’t want you any more.

4. He has become scarce

This is no rocket science, he is simply trying to avoid you.

5. He has become a bit more secretive

If the reason he has fallen out of love with you is another girl, then he definitely won’t want you to find out about it until he is good and ready to let you know. Although you shouldn’t just assume because he wants his privacy which he is entitled to, but if his level of secrecy is just out of proportion, then something is up.

6. His body language tells a tale

It might be weird to believe but body language experts have a saying ‘where the toes point, the heart follows’. If you are out with your partner and his toes are facing away from you, it might be a subtle sign that he is ready to move on. If his toes are facing you, then you are safe.

7. He talks less about the future now

Probably when things were going good, he was always talking about the future and now suddenly he stops. He doesn’t talk about it and doesn’t listen when you do then he probably doesn’t see you in his own future.


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