Shock As Fashion Stylist, Teni Oluwo Passes On At 35

Teni Oluwo

The fashion world was thrown into mourning on Wednesday, June 5 over the news of the death of Teni Oluwo, a fashion stylist and influencer.

Teni who goes by the nameStyle Territory’ on social media, is said to have passed away at the age of 35. However, the cause of her death is unknown.

Her sister, Adetoke Oluwo, confirmed her death in an emotionally charged post on Instagram.

She wrote:

“Omoteniola you do this one. I thought I was a strong person but I realized you have always been my strength. My pillar of strength. How can I be talking about you in the past tense. You must be out of your mind to think you can leave me like this. In this year particularly,” she wrote.

“Why didn’t you leave when we were suffering and hustling up and down in this Lagos? I’d have understood. Why now? When you should be enjoying your life. What will happen to all the trips we had planned and our life goals?

“You are the only reason I worked this hard so you’d be proud of me and so I’d take care of you to pieces as my first child. Well, I know you’re always proud of me either way.

“I used to hear of grief but Teni, you should have waited for me to get back to see you. You thought I wouldn’t be able to take it I’m sure but Teni, my heart is broken. I can’t take this. I can’t feel my heart Teni. You promised me you’d be with me forever. You said you got me for life. How dare you leave me now.

“At just 35 years. You must be out of your mind. Who will guide me through life. Who will preach to me? You know I only listen to you. No wonder your last words to me were “never respond in fear”. Temi I can’t keep that promise, better pick your call. I know you don’t like calls but at least message me back and say this is a joke, you are only testing my pain. Teni my heart can’t take this, I’m not strong.

“One thing I know is that you have changed my life. You came into this world for that purpose to change my life completely.

“I know you will not want me to cry anymore, I don’t even have tears left right now. I just have questions. I love you forever Omoteniola and nobody will ever take your place in my heart.”

Born in 1989, Teni was also a writer, fashion journalist, and TV producer.

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