7 Best Electric Kettles For Every Budget

Electric kettles are an important appliance in every kitchen and home. They do the job of getting a cup of your favourite tea or coffee done without stress. If you are looking for the best electric kettle on a budget, look no further.

Here are the best seven kettles you can buy.

1. Russell Hobbs 1. 7L Stainless Steel Kettle | N 24,499

Over the decades, Russell Hobbs has been at the forefront of quenching our national thirst for hot beverages with fast, easy-to-use, great-looking electric kettles.

This stainless steel kettle is a pristine style statement with a high-shine finish that positively gleams. It has a rapid boil zone, which means it can cook up the tap water from tepid to boiling in just 45 seconds, which is handy for those times when you could kill for a cup of tea.

It can make one to three cups in super-fast time. The kettle has a handy “perfect pour” spout design so the water can be poured evenly into mugs and cups without spluttering and spilling all over your worktop. An internal water indicator tells you how full you’ve filled it so you don’t boil it dry or overfill its 1.7-liter capacity.

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2. Qasa 4.8L Electric Kettle |N26,900

The QASA Electric Kettle QKT-6000 is a powerful and efficient appliance designed to streamline your daily tea and coffee rituals. Boasting a sleek design and advanced features, the QKT-6000 is the perfect addition to any kitchen or office space.

With a robust power rating of 1900W, the QKT-6000 rapidly heats water to your desired temperature, reducing waiting time and allowing you to enjoy your favorite beverages in no time. Featuring a spacious 4.8L capacity, this electric kettle is perfect for brewing multiple cups of tea or coffee, making it ideal for gatherings, offices, or large families.

The QKT-6000 comes with intuitive controls, allowing you to effortlessly adjust temperature settings and monitor the boiling process with ease. The kettle sits on a convenient 360-degree swivel base, making it easy to lift and pour from any angle, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience. Crafted from high-quality materials, it is built to withstand daily use and provide long-lasting performance, ensuring reliability for years to come.

Best Electric Kettle

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3. Kinelco 5.5L Electric Kettle | N26,000

Easy to use, this handy kitchen appliance comes with an automatic turn-off feature that is activated once the water is boiled. It features a strip switch control, a stainless steel body, and easy-to-read water level indicators. It also comes with a sturdy handle, which makes it comfortable to hold and carry even with hot water.

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4. Binatone 1.7L Deluxe Thermo Kettle |N42,290

Binatone kettles are stylish, easy to use, and durable. These premium ranges of appliances are available in different sizes and are pocket-friendly. Specially made for ease and convenience, this electric kettle offers a 1.7L water capacity and 2000 watts of power, which boils water faster than the stove or microwave oven. This cordless kettle lifts from the corded base for easy filling, pouring, and serving, with an automatic shut-off when water boils. The advanced design of the concealed heating element is never in contact with the water, so there is no buildup of objectionable mineral deposits. For safety, the kettle provides automatic shut-off, boil-dry safety protection, a secure locking lid, a power-on indicator light, and a cool touch bottom.

Best Electric Kettle

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5. Itel 1.7L Cordless Electric Kettle | N16,990

This Itel electric kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Thanks to its convenient cordless design, this electric kettle lifts off its power base without the hassle of a dangling power cord getting in the way.

The wide side handle remains cool during and after use, making it completely safe to handle. Specially made for ease and convenience, its 1700 wattage makes sure it boils water faster than a gas stove, microwave, or ordinary stove. Its cable is 100% copper, which ensures it is protected against overheating. The body of the kettle has a double housing design. The outer part is made of plastic, while the inner is made of food-grade stainless steel, which prevents the formation of rust which can contaminate the water or any other food you boil in the kettle.

It also has a lead indicator light that turns off automatically when the water is boiled.

Best Electric Kettle

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6. Breville 1.7L Curve Jug Kettle | N31,999

Uniquely curved and textured, the Breville Curve Jug Kettle stands out on any kitchen countertop. The contemporary design has an eye-catching high gloss finish and chrome accents.

When boiling, the Curve Kettle is illuminated in white so you can see when it’s done. The rear window clearly shows the water level for easy, accurate filling so you don’t boil more than you need.

It has a powerful 3000W element for rapid boiling and a 1.7L capacity. It also comes with an LED indicator and it is cordless.

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7. Oraimo 1.7L Stainless Steel Smart Kettle | N 57,000

This Oraimo Stainless Smart Kettle is designed to enhance and promote optimum health.

With a robust power rating of 1800W and a 1.7L capacity, this kettle is perfect for brewing cups of tea on the go.

It also boasts features like a double-wall design and a BPA-free material. Just imagine this appliance sitting pretty in your kitchen.

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