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Spinning in Style: The Hottest Fashion-Themed Slots of the Season

Hottest Fashion-Themed Slots of the Season

Hottest Fashion-Themed Slots of the Season


Back in the so-called golden era of Las Vegas casinos, slots had plenty of lights and sounds, but there was pretty much a single theme: fruits. That’s why they’re called fruit machines in some circles, right?

Fast-forward to 2023, and slots go far beyond what yesteryear had to offer. We now have slots that look and feel like your latest AAA video game. The graphics, sound effects, and gameplay mirror what you’d find on a Playstation or Xbox. 

Technological progress has also given developers the capability to design games of all kinds. For fashionistas, it means slots finally exist that combine fun and games with a sense of style. These are our favorite hottest fashion-themed slots of the season. 

The Dressing Room 

Developed by Caleta, The Dressing Room is one of the leading fashion-driven slots out there and one of the most popular slots online, period. The concept is this: you’re a fashionista, ready to go out and party, and in The Dressing Room, you have to ‘collect’ the items you need to look the part. We’re talking lipstick, jewelry, perfume, high heels, make-up, the works. 

Of course, the more valuable the items, the higher the prize. That diamond necklace would surely look good on you. Hit the bonus round or free spins, with the chance of winning 2200x of your initial bet. 

It has 243 winning slot combinations, and the hit frequency is 33.6%. The RTP is relatively high, sitting just above 96%. There is no progressive jackpot, which also explains the high hit rate. Overall, it’s a beautiful and well-designed fashion-driven slot. 

It’s also the most in-your-face fashion slot in our selection, as it’s actually about getting ready in your dressing room. The slots that take up our number two and three spots are also fashion-driven, but fashion permeates the games rather than completely dominating them. 

Diamond Dogs 

Half ridiculous, half fashionable, 100% fun. Fashion isn’t just for humans, but also for dogs. Diamond Dogs like looking good, living it up, and playing for keeps. 

This is your familiar 5-reel slot with 25 paylines, developed by the well-respected Net Entertainment (also known as NetEnt). It has the familiar high-quality graphics and SFX you’ve come to expect from this developer, and it’s easy to play either on your laptop/desktop, tablet, or smartphone. We particularly like the soundtrack, which features dance tracks and disco tunes. Of course, you may hear the occasional bark along the way, if you’re lucky and win the bonus round. 

The features are thematically rich and well-designed, featuring a scatter bonus round, aka free spins. For the bonus round, you’re looking for a paparazzi doggie, which activates the Red Carpet Photo Shoot bonus! 

Hot City 

It’s great when you live in a world where you have to think about which fashion slots make a top 3 list, rather than having trouble finding just one (as was the case just a few short years ago!). 

Our final entry is Hot City, another excellent fashion slot developed by NetEnt. It’s a 25-payline slot with 5 reels that offer players a retro feel combined with modern gameplay. The game is set in New York, which is just right considering the city is still ranked the #1 fashion capital in the world (closely followed by Paris, of course). 

The premise of the game is pretty simple: the girls are getting ready for a night out in the big city, and of course, they need to be dressed to the nines considering it’s the Big Apple. Along the way, you can collect symbols (and win!) like high heels, a handbag, the latest iPhone, or a shopping bag full of the latest designer fashion. 

The game doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, but it does have free spins and a bonus round. When you land on three scatter symbols (the ‘Just Married’ car!), you get ten free spins. Four or five scatter symbols will get you twenty or thirty free spins, respectively. 

Remember, Stay Fashionable 

We’re going to leave you fashionistas with a few words of wisdom and home truths, something akin to what you may hear from Miranda Priestly (of The Devil Wears Prada fame) when committing a style faux pas. 

When it comes to gambling, stick to a limit/budget; don’t go beyond it. Never chase losses or bet more than you can afford to lose. Remember, gambling should be considered entertainment, not a way to make money. 

This collection of fashion-themed slots is guaranteed to give you a good time if you like looking like a million dollars, enjoy a night out on the town, and love shopping till you drop. The games are fun, feature great graphics, and have great replayability. 

Oh, and our final tip before we go, never take fashion advice from a slot machine!