These Are 5 Things Every Woman Should Never Do Before Or After Sex (No 3 Will Surprise You)

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The majority of us hardly ever think about the do’s as well as donts of sex. It’s crucial to always keep your own private parts healthy and thoroughly clean both before and after sex.

Most of the bacterial infections that occur down there is certainly because of unhealthy habits that a person follows.

By doing so, you might be helping your own private part stay healthy as well as away from any type of infections.

Below are some things to do and not to do after sex.

1. Forget To Pee

When the male organ is inserted in the vagina, bacteria can get pushed into your bladder and this can result in post-intercourse bladder infections if you have stored urine in your bladder.

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2. Bathing using hot water

Bathing is great, however stay away from jumping into a hot bathtub. When your vagina reacts to stimulation, it opens a little more.

After sexual intercourse, a hot bathtub shower could make you susceptible to much more infections and you do not want this.

3. Using soaps to wash down there

Not only after sex (even though your vaginal area is very sensitive then), but always: do not wash with cleaning soap. Your vaginal area is really a self-cleansing organism and using soap, douches or even other products can interfere with the delicate pH levels.

Cleaning soap can also cause irritation as well as dryness – as a matter of fact , as a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, do not put it near your own private part. After sex (and always), rinse just with lukewarm, clean water.

4. Using wet wipes to clean down there

Although it might be appealing to swipe your self clean using wet baby wipes, the chemicals as well as fragrances may irritate your own sensitive vaginal area, particularly after sexual intercourse.

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If you want to use something besides plain water to clean up, try combining a little white vinegar with luke warm water. Vinegar is actually cleansing as well as it won’t disrupt your body’s pH levels. Dry carefully afterwards.

5. Wearing Nylon or polyester panties

Almost all types of lingerie are made from non-breathable materials such as nylon or even polyester. Put them on after sex, and you are creating the ideal environment for bacterias to grow.

Keep in mind, your vaginal area is actually warm as well as damp right after getting down, and that is when bacterias are likely to thrive, especially when trapped by non-breathable fabrics.

Go naked or even stick to 100 % cotton panties so that your private areas can breathe totally free.