Words To Avoid During A Breakup

Breakups are one of the hardest things ever and we would be the first to admit this. However, that you are in a haste to end a relationship does not mean that you should hurt your partner deliberately.

You can end a relationship in a more mature and sensible, thereby reducing the hurt the other party feels.

Below are 6 things you should never say to your partner during a breakup.

#1. I don’t love you anymore.

This is very terrible whether you’ve been dating for months, or years does not matter, simply because it’s more like you are saying that after a certain amount of time with them, you no longer care. They’re no longer enough for you to love.

#2. I don’t care about this relationship, and I haven’t for a long time.

Well, if you felt that way, why did you stay in the relationship or why didn’t you tell your partner about it sooner? If you had, it is entirely possible you guys would have worked through the issues.

This is an insult because it means you stopped caring about the relationship, and didn’t bother communicating this to your partner the moment you started feeling that way.

In a relationship, both parties have a right to know immediately when this happens, not weeks or months later.

#3. Pointing out all their flaws and annoyances.

Your breath stinks, and you’re too short for me. I don’t like your parents Your friends get on my nerves” All these aren’t nice and just because you want out of a relationship doesn’t mean that you should deflate his ego.

Pointing out someone’s flaws is a great way of making them feel like they are beneath you, even if they actually aren’t. So don’t do it.

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#4. We make better friends.

 This is the equivalent of saying “The sex isn’t good enough, you’re not attractive enough, but we have fun together when we are not trying to be intimate.”

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Being better friends means you get along, know how to have fun and laugh together, but you are both better off keeping it strictly platonic. Hearing that during a breakup is like a slap in the face and your partner is sure to feel really terrible.

#5. I don’t trust you.

It is obvious one of you messed up one time or many times, and all hell broke loose. But there is something about saying these four little words that really rubs some salt in the already painful injury. It’s both, pointing out the obvious, and making it clear that the person isn’t trustworthy or reliable at all.

#6. Not saying anything at all.

The only thing that is worse than yelling, screaming insults, and embarrassing the other person, is going off the face of the earth. Never texting, calling, or talking to them in general.

That you are breaking up does not mean you should not honor what you had together at some point, or at least be cordial, and you doing this is pretty mean on all accounts.

This is exactly like saying, “You didn’t mean enough to me to say anything about wanting to go separate ways.”