9 Things To Consider Before Buying A Nigerian Used Car

Owning a car in Nigeria is everyone’s dream as having a personal car saves you a lot of stress with commuting on a daily.

Who doesn’t like to cruise around in a comfortable vehicle rather than hopping from one rickety commercial vehicle to another?

However, the true fact in Nigeria is that brand new vehicles are far beyond what the majority of people can afford.

With the high foreign exchange rate, many have resolved to buy Nigerian used cars in order to cut down their purchase cost.

Buying a used car in Nigeria comes with its pros and cons,  but to always be on the safe side, there are some basic things to look out for.

1.Consider the Price of the Car

Prior to getting a used car, it is important you have a budget and also research the price of the car you are interested in. Getting to know the likely price of the car you are interested in buying cannot be overemphasized. There are sites available for doing this as against getting information by word of mouth.

This has the advantage of helping you avoid the trouble of having to buy a stolen product. It will also help you avoid dubious car dealers.

2. Do a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Check

Every car comes with a vehicle identification number (VIN) which enables the buyer to know the car’s history, also the real mileage of every vehicle can be known through the VIN Check. Running a comprehensive VIN check before purchasing a car will save buyers the stress of buying a faulty car.

3. Check the mileage of the car

Getting to know the mileage of a car is the only way to know the true age of the car. The bigger the mileage then the older the car is. This is because the mileage of a car tells how much a car has really been used. Knowing this can get you to know how much the car is supposed to be sold for.

4.The Car’s Fuel Consumption

Some cars consume more fuel compared to other cars and this is due to their make or brand. Fuel consumption should be another important factor to consider when choosing a car to buy. Some brands like Toyota have shown to economize fuel consumption.

5.Check the Engine of the Car

Check the appearance of the engine. A dirty engine and hood surrounding indicate that the engine that is lacking some basic maintenance with the possibility of sludge build-up in the engine. The engine of a car is one of the most important things and you do not want to take chances.

6.Consider the state of the Car

Test driving the car before buying it allows you to check the condition of the car. Listen to the sound of the car when it runs, observe jerks or bumps when shifting through the gears. Pay attention to the vibrations of the steering wheel as you increase speed. Strange noises, squeals, or a tendency to pull one direction or the other could point to worn and possibly dangerous brake parts. A thorough vehicle inspection can shed light on potential problems or tell you whether the car has been in an accident.

7. Find out why the owner is selling the car

You do not want to buy a car that you will not end up enjoying. Getting to know the reason the seller wants to sell the car will help you avoid buying a bad car. This will protect you from buying another man’s problem. Many sellers will say “it’s due to vehicle upgrade or relocation”. However, their response to this question should not be taken hook, line, and sinker.

What problem is the current owner experiencing with the car? You need to know this because several cars are sold due to electrical and mechanical issues.  You also need to know the major repair works that have been carried out on the vehicle e.g change or overhaul of the engine, change of transmission, bodywork, etc.

8. Availability of  spare parts

Cars with available parts can be easily maintained. This should influence your choice of cars. The parts of brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen are easy and affordable to get around.

9.Consider How Long the Dealer Has Been Doing business

Before choosing a car dealer, try searching online for consumer reviews. This will help you in making the best decisions and also avoid bad experiences.

Also, be conscious of the fact that not every car advertised by a reputable dealership is issue-free. Experts will always recommend that you dig deeper, especially when you intend to purchase used cars. The longer a dealer has been doing business, the better.

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