These 5 Tips Will Help You Choose The Perfect Bridesmaids For Your Wedding


While the bride and groom are the two most important people at a wedding, the fun that comes with your wedding is being able to celebrate and anticipate your big day with your closest friends by your side serving as bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids are considered friends of the bride, who make the day colorful.

You might think you can just call a few friends, assign them a bridal title, and call it a day, but there are a few other things you’ll want to consider before you assemble your bridal train.

1.  Know The Number Of Ladies You Need On Your Train

Usually, the number of bridesmaids you have is determined by the size and type of your wedding.  it is important to keep your bridal party proportionate to your number of guests. For instance, 12 bridesmaids for a wedding with 50 guests is a bit outrageous.

2. Consider Their Personalities

Before you choose your maids, think about how the entire wedding party will get along. If one person on your list has a temperamental personality and tends to rub it on people the wrong way, that’s the potential drama you will want to avoid if you can. Instead, aim for a group of bridesmaids who are friendly, cordial, and can transition easily between groups.

3. Budget

Sometimes, being a bridesmaid might be expensive. In most cases, they pay for their dresses, makeup, accessories, and sometimes the bridal shower. So consider all the ladies you have in mind first and be sure they are willing and able to commit to these expenses.

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4. Type of Outfit

Every bridesmaid will definitely want to look good on that day, but not all of them will like the particular dress you might want them to wear. If you want them to wear a sleeveless dress, for instance, some of your maids might not be comfortable in that. So before you choose the ladies, know their sense of style and know what all of them will be comfortable wearing so you don’t have problems after selecting the ladies.

5. Reconsider Including All Your Siblings

Even if you have three sisters and your fiance has four, you should try not to include everyone in the wedding party. Your siblings will have other major responsibilities on that day, so try to leave some of them out of the wedding party so that they won’t always have to excuse themselves from the bridal party table.

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