4 Easy Signs That Tell If Your Partner Is Lying To You

How To Know Your Partner Is Lying

Now you have a relationship but all of a sudden, you are getting vibes that your man might not be as truthful and sincere as he claims to be. How do you sort that out an confirm if your suspicions are right?

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Below are some tips to help you:

1. There is a change in his tone of voice

You may notice that your boyfriend’s regular tone of voice changes or shifts when he is telling a lie. He may also stammer, pause for long periods of time, or have unusual intonations. A sudden change in his speech patterns when he is talking about a certain subject, person, or event may be a sign that he is telling a lie.

2. Pay attention to his word, choice and language.

Often, people who lie tend to use many more words when lying in an effort to hide the lie or distract you from the lie.

According to a study, liars tend to use more swear words when they speak, as they are so focused on the lie, they neglect to use proper terms or clean words.

Also, he may also use the third person when lying to distance himself from the lie he is telling you and he may try to change the subject quickly after he has told a lie to avoid drawing attention to it.

3. His body language matters.

According to behavioral experts, people who are lying tend to exhibit certain body language patterns. Look for these body language cues to determine if your boyfriend is telling a lie.

He may itch his nose often or keep biting his lips. He may also chew on his nails and scratch his hands.

He may also exhibit traits like covering or blocking his mouth and rubbing or putting his hand over his eyes, his nose, or his ears. He may also avoid making eye contact with you or turn his body or head away from you as he speaks.

4. He is not clean abut his movements

Pay particular attention here. Is your man where he said he will be or do you always find out that he spent the day elsewhere? Does he not pick your call certain hours in the day? That means that he is lying to you about something- no matter how small it is.

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