You Will Have A Better Relationship In 2018 When You Stop These 5 Bad Dating Habits

Just the same way bad eating habits can affect your health, there are dating habits many of us indulging that eventually cause harm to our love lives.

Especially if you recently just had a break up and ready to start dating again, you might have to watch out for some habits you display that might be off-putting to a potential partner.

1. Don’t handle your date like an interview

Probably your previous partner broke your heart and you feel you should have know, taking it out on your new date is not the way to go. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to keep firing questions at your date as if he came for a ‘role in your company’. If you have this habit, stop it.

2. Don’t show off

Yea most men like women who have their own thing going on, so don’t give in to the urge to rob your achievement in his face. Its ok to share ideas on how you can get better bu don’t make it look like a competition. Counting off all the degrees and certifications you have compared to him is no the right way to make him have long term interest in  you.

3. Don’t try too hard to impress

The best thing when you start dating is to be yourself as much as possible. Trying to fake an accent for instance is not a smart move; you might not be able to sustain it. Simply be yourself and the one who will like you the way you are will still do.

4. Don’t be too available

We know you are eager to get back into a relationship again but don’t be over-eager. If you are willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice, then you are making yourself too available, which is a turn-off. The ideal scenario to portray is that you are busy, very much have your own life going on but are willing to make time for someone. That way, your date will feel like that you are making the effort but also having to work around you other work/life commitments, which they will respect.

5.Don’t bring the past up

Your past should stay in the past where it belongs. Avoid recounting your terrible past relationship experience to your date; it only spoils the mood. Except he asks what happened, don’t venture into that territory.

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