Your Man Will Stay Faithful To Only You If You Follow These 6 Secrets

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Although is not clear-cut way to keep your man from cheating and remain faithful to you, there are simple ways you can bring out the best in him which will then lead to a happier relationship.

It is often said that if a man will cheat, he will cheat no matter what you do to satisfy him but we are of the notion that you as the lady should not be the cause of his cheating. In fact it has been proven that men who feel rejected and neglected by their partners are more prone to cheating.

There are no one-size-fits-all guide to making your partner remain faithful to you but there are general guidelines that when applied will make him feel, loved, appreciated and willing to stick it out with you and you alone.

1. Give him space

Yea you read right. We know the whole idea of the feature is how to keep your man faithful and you have a better chance of doing that if your eyes are on him but at the same time, you can choke him by keeping tabs on him at all times. Give your man his free time to spend with friends or on whatever he wants. This shows that you trust him and you are confident in his feelings for you. It also indicates that you are secure in your own person and do have a life as an individual.

2. Be affectionate

Many of us forget to show affection as much as we used to when we first started our relationship. Keep things exciting and fun by showing how you feel through simple things such as words of encouragement he looks good and touching him. Don’t assume your partner knows that you care about him; he needs to hear it from you regularly and see it in your actions.

3. Don’t be over-accommodating

Women can become too accommodating towards their men all in a bid to make sure he doesn’t cheat but this can be a two-edged sword so, you need to be an expert at using it. Maintain a healthy sense of self in your relationship by speaking up if he does something wrong but don’t over-flog the matter. No condoning some of his excesses will keep him on his toes and give you your respect as well.

4. Be willing to try new things

No matter how much you and your partner love each other, things can get boring and dry if your do not try new things. This does not only apply to your sexual life but also other aspects. Spice up your love life by looking for new things to try together. One of the major reasons men cheat is because their partner doesn’t keep them guessing or looking forward to something new the way the other woman does.

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5. Prioritize your relationship

Usually when a man cheats, the woman is almost always in an ’emotional relationship’ with another man. While it is okay to have other male friends you talk to from time to time don’t make the mistake of making your partner fill the post of second fiddle. This is will only push him to find a woman in whom he can confide as well. And so the cycle begins.

6. Find his relationship pattern

No matter what you do, there are some men who seemingly have cheating wired into their DNA so loving and doing everything humanly possibly for him might not change him. Before you start out your relationship at all, be very curious about your man’s dating history. If there is a pattern of unfaithfulness to his previous partners, he most likely will not be faithful to you too.