Take Your Savings Game To A New Level With These 6 Tips

With the current situation of the economy, you will agree with me that saving is very important. Many people try to save but eventually spend the money along the line because it’s not yet a habit.

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Yes! You can make saving a habit and these 6 tips will guide you.


It starts by saying no to yourself when it comes to spending on some things you know isn’t important. We are living in a world where there are lots of opportunities to spend money.

You have to have that discipline to say no to yourself. Do it once, do it twice and you will realize just how unnecessary most of the things we buy are.

2.Get Out Of Debts

Some people are already owing before their salaries are paid. Don’t make owing an habit. Getting out of debt makes saving money easier. Make saving money easier so it can become a habit. Life is just easier without bad debt, so eliminate it and free yourself up to easily create good money saving environment and habit.

3.Analyse Your Habits

You might have habits that cost you money almost all the time, for example seeing a movie at the cinema every weekend. You don’t have to. If you intend to make saving an habit you have to watch and cut off to those that will make you spend.

4.Learn To Bargain

Use technology to your advantage. Before now, you’d simply go to a store, pick up something you want and pay whatever the store charged you. Today, we can compare prices, be it a phone or a refrigerator or even a pair of scissors!

Compare prices on all the shopping sites and go for the one that is selling you the product you want for the least amount of money.

Remember, all the big brands go on sale at least twice every year at the end of the season. Rather than buying clothes fresh stock, buy the ones that are on sale!

Don’t be ashamed of bargaining, either when buying something as simple as vegetables or as big as buying a house. Give it a shot, there’s nothing you have to lose.

5.Create An Emergency Bank Account

Have a bank account, you don’t a debit card for. It would make it hard for you to withdraw cash. At the end of the month or week, transfer the amount you want to save to your emergency account.

6.Moral Support

Have that one friend that has a good saving habit. Find an accountability partner who can help you stay on track.

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