These 7 Methods Would Help You Spend Less And Save More


avoid impulsive shoping

What were the last ten things you bought? Did you absolutely need them? Would you have fared equally well without them?

A lot of women and people, in general, are impulsive buyers. That is they buy whatever they want to whenever they feel like. It’s a pretty dangerous thing to do because the urge to buy would always be there but the money won’t. And so, people find themselves in huge debts before they even know it.

But you can take up these 7 habits that can help you avoid impulsive buying.

1. Calculate how much work it would take to pay for the item

Value your money before you buy anything. Try to calculate how many hours of work would raise enough money to buy whatever it is you want to buy. Say to yourself, “That dress is three and a half hours of work” whenever you are looking at a new dress or a box of pizza. Then look at the item’s longevity and meaningfulness, and figure out if it’s worth it or not.

2. Don’t carry all your debit cards

If you have multiple debit cards and plan on hitting the mall, just take one for emergencies and planned purchases. And check your limit before you go out. That way, you know how much you can spend while still having some left over in case disaster strikes. Keeping your other debit cards home saves you from spending way too much, and ending up getting in over your head.

3. Don’t go therapy shopping

There are so many better ways to ease your stress that don’t involve spending any money. Shopping when stressed can lead to a vicious cycle: you’re stressed, so you buy things, then you’re stressed because you spent money, so you buy more stuff…and it continues. If you’re stressed out, try going for a walk or listening to music, but avoid spending money at all costs.

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4. Block shopping sites when using your computer

The internet has made it way too easy to buy without thinking about the purchase first. If you need to, block all other sites while you’re trying to get work done, and save the shopping spree for another time.

5. Don’t go shopping in groups

When you go shopping with people, you end up buying things you do not necessarily need. One of you end up saying “Why not?” when the other one asks “Should I…?” When you go alone, it is easy to focus alone on what you came to buy.

7. Put away money you were going to spend

Easier said than done, right? Well, it will pay off in the long run. Add up all the extra items you’ve bought over the past year, then look up the prices of trips to Hawaii. And even if you don’t have enough for a trip to the beautiful island, you’ll have enough at the end of the year that you can splurge on a few things and not feel bad about it.

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