Tonto Dike Style Photos

13 Times Tonto Dike Showed Us The True Meaning Of Slim And Sassy

Tonto Dike is not only a talented actress, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and women rights activists, she is one hell of a hardworking woman.

12 Celebrities Who Look Stunning Rocking Short Hairstyles

Also, she has a great sense of style and knows just the right thing to wear for her body shape.

Below are some times her style was on point.

1. Stunning in this lovely palazzo pants


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2. Sexy in this lime green overalls

3. We love how she rocked this monochrome pants.

4. Enjoying the baby girl life

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5. This is the best way to style ripped jeans

@glogeworld thanks sweetie for my Shoe?

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6. And she looks super good in skirt too

7. A real African queen in Ankara

#KINGTONTO #WomenForWomen #Conference #ABUJA #2017 #womeninspiringwomen #philanthropist #unicef #protectingyourhappiness #Womenforcharity #Moderator #unwomen #Famefoundationng @famefoundationorg #Lord Lead the way

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8. Yellow sure looks pretty on her.

9. This was one fine sporty look.

10. Her gorgeous look to #Onbecoing33

11. And when she was styled by Thinifan

11. Serving us body goals in this sweet gown.

12. And when she stepped out to celebrate love

13. Looking exquisite in this dope playsuit

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