7 Skincare Goals You Should Put Into Action Immediately


A new year presents the perfect time to make a new set of beauty and skincare goals.

As with the usual New year resolutions, it is not just about saying them but also putting them into action.

Here are seven skincare goals that will give you the glowing skin you desire this year.

1. Reset your skincare routine

Your skincare routine is just like your fashion routine, which needs to be updated and revamped with seasons. It is that time to reevaluate your skincare routine and press the reset button as you begin the year.

Most importantly if you are a skincare enthusiast, it is important for you to know your skin type and then take the way forward. Go for products that serve multiple purposes and are well suited to the skin.

2. Follow the basic skincare steps

The basic steps which are crucial for every skincare routine are Cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

In order to effectively remove dirt, dust and makeup from our skin which our skin is exposed to daily, it’s important to follow a cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.

While cleansing should be done daily to remove dirt and impurities from the skin, it shouldn’t be done more than twice a day as it can dry out the skin. Choose one that’s suitable for your skin type and is made without harsh chemicals such as Sulphates and artificial fragrances.

At night, ensure you are double cleansing first with a makeup remover and then the cleanser.

Using a face toner helps balance your skin’s pH levels, remove excess oil and tighten pores. It is best to use one that is alcohol-free. It also helps prime the skin for the next steps in the skincare regime and ensures that the products get absorbed effectively.

Follow this up with a moisturizer to keep your skin moist and hydrated. Your skin repairs itself at night and using a moisturizer will ensure that it regains its elasticity and glow.

Make sure the products you are using to cleanse, tone and moisturize have ingredients like Vitamin C (protects the skin from damage caused by pollution)  Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid

 3. Wear sunscreen every day

You may have already heard about the importance of sunscreen.

Whether it is cold or warm outside, sun protection is key for shielding your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Wearing a daily SPF is not just for protecting your skin against sunburn, but for preventing premature aging, wrinkles, and in the worst-case scenario, skin cancer. Apply one with a minimum SPF30 and PA+++ over your moisturiser before makeup.

You need it indoors and on rainy days as well.

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4. Exfoliate

 Exfoliate at least once or twice a week. This gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer. This should be done for your body.

5. Remove your makeup properly

The number one cause of breakouts is clogged pores from leftover makeup and skincare. To prevent this, simply soak cotton pads with a few pumps of micellar water cleansers and wipe them off. Follow up with a gentle cleanser.

Also avoid sleeping with your makeup as this is a recipe for breakouts and early aging. So make sure to remove every ounce of makeup before hitting the bed.

6. Don’t forget to wash your brushes too

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Using HouseHold Items

Dirty makeup brushes are the cause of bacteria build-ups, breakouts, and beauty disasters- but how often do you really clean them? Bacteria love the damp texture of your make-up products, especially foundations, concealers, bronzers, and blushes.

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In 2022, make it your mission to clean your makeup brushes and sponges at least once a week to avoid a build-up of bacteria that could result in acne and skin irritation.

7. Consistency is key

Just like any other New Year resolution, sticking to it is the greatest challenge. The most important thing about skincare is that you need to be consistent. Your skin will reward you with radiance even if you do the basic cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Just make sure you do it every single day. Consider everything additional that you do, as a bonus.

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