Actress, Uche Ogbodo Looks Sensational In Beach Themed Birthday Photoshoot

Yesterday, the 17th of May was actress, Uche Ogbodo’s birthday and the beautiful lady shared some photos on her Instagram page which got a lot of people talking.

She wrote:

“Happy birthday to me! For some reason, I always become quite reflective around the time of my birthday. Unlike some people, I don’t ever dread turning a year older. I love growing older, evolving and reflecting on where life has taken me. My birthday is always a time of gratitude, hope and optimism. I’m always excited to think about what the year ahead will hold, while remembering to not let the past define me ! I Sit in a different car now as I look ahead , “Anything is possible “ ‘Cos I’m not the girl I used to be . Happy birthday to me”

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We have more photos

Yes! it’s been some 365 days of rigorous activities! It’s been some weeks of waking up, sleeping and going about the business of the day. And no matter how it’s been, that I’m alive today is a proof that the future is Great. So, when I look back at where I’m coming from, I can only say to myself “You Have Done Well “ #grateful #gratitude #lifelessons #birthdaybehavior #goddess #ucheogbodo #thankgodforeverything #birthdaygirl

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Yesterday Was The Best Day Of my life So Far this year, For all the Love you all showered On Me On My Birthday I’m Grateful ? . My “FANS“ y’all took my birthday and turned it to your birthday ?. I thank each and every one of you for all the lovely ‪‎birthday wishes and for loving me wholeheartedly. All of your wishes and blessings mean a lot to me! [❤] To All the Blogs , Internet Sites , Tv Houses, News papers , Radio Houses. Etc thank you all for making my birthday a memorable experience for me. To my Family & Friends , Colleagues in Nollywood, thank you for your prayers & Good wishes . Sorry, I was too busy so I wasn’t able to reply to all the calls and messages from my Fans, friends and close relatives . I love you guys for making my birthday such a wonderful and a memorable day for me.Thanks for making me feel special and for being a special part of my life. I Love you all, I’m Humbled by the love I received. Stay blessed , Stay Positive & Stay Wining ? #happiness #positivevibes #wining #goddess #birthdaybeauty #birthdaybehaviour #birthday #thankyou #love #goddess #goddessangels

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