Single On Valentine’s Day? Show Some Love To Yourself With These 7 Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to celebrating love, and you’ve probably heard everyone asking ‘who’ll be my Val?’ or ‘what will you get me?’.

However, have you asked what you’ll get yourself?

Self-love is extremely important, and if there is a day dedicated to love, then you should also think of loving and appreciating yourself.

Here are 7 gift ideas for yourself on Valentine’s Day 2023.

1.  Customized T-Shirt

You can get yourself an ‘I love myself’ T-shirt, blouse or dress. It’s just a way of letting whoever sees it know that you actually love yourself because you actually do.

2. Crotchet bag

When last did you get a new handbag? Don’t you think you need a change? You can spice things up by adding a crotchet bag to your collection. Your arms will thank you.

3. A Customized Necklace

A customized necklace is one of the best things you can gift yourself this Valentine’s Day.

4. Book

Books will never go out of fashion as a great tool of investment. A good book to try your hands on is Michelle Obama’s latest book ‘The Light We Carry’.

5. Bone Straight Wig

What better time to splurge on a bone-straight wig than now?

6. Skincare products


Your skin is for you, and it’s your responsibility to take care of it to make it more beautiful and soothing. Get yourself great skincare products so that your skin will thank you.

7. Love letter to self

Just like the romantic love letter a woman sends to her lover on Valentine’s day, you can compose a beautiful note and write those things you appreciate about yourself. It’ll make you feel great about yourself.


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