3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Almost everyone is sentimental about Valentine’s Day, so it’s important that you don’t create plans that aren’t comfortable for you. From your dress for Valentine’s date to a pair of jeans for a trip to the recreational centre, you should be prudent.

Don’t deny yourself of all these if you’re on a  budget. There’s a way to work it out However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also buy gifts for your Valentine.

Here are ways you can enjoy Valentine’s Day even when you and your partner don’t have much money to spare.

1. Wear your old clothes

You really don’t have to buy new clothes for Valentine’s Day. Even if you have a Valentine party at work, school or any other place with a dress code, wear something close to it.

After all, it’s what you have.

2. Get a memorable gift


It’s not every gift that needs to be expensive. You can get something little that would matter a lot.

You can get your Valentine a nice customized hand-written card with his picture on it. If you both are a couple, then have your best photos on it. Ensure that this customized card is durable for him to keep.

Also to keep it all simple, get a picture frame and insert his photo in it (if you’re not a couple).

3. Have an indoor Valentine celebration

Celebrate Valentine at your place or his place. Have him over for dinner or lunch, however, you both want to celebrate it.

Huggies Nappy Pants

Prepare a nice Valentine meal and buy two packs of juice or a nice bottle of wine (good wine please!). You don’t want to start having stomach issues from drinking bad wine. Make your Valentine’s Day sweet, even on a low budget.

You could play a movie that he has always wanted to watch or a new episode of his favourite series. You both could even play indoor games like cards, chess, ludo or any other.

Also, it would be nice if you could provide a video game– you don’t have to buy it though. You could borrow from a friend or neighbour.

If you’re a couple, find out other romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

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