14 Things To Know About Nigeria’s Foremost Rapper Weird MC As She Turns 50

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Weird MC is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and producer.

Popular for hits Allen Avenue and Ijoya, she is one of Africa’s most popular female rappers, and one of the few Nigerian female artists who infused Afrobeat into her music.

As she turns 50, here are some things to know about her.

1. Weird MC was born Adesola Adesimbo Idowu on 9 July 1970 in London.

2. She has five siblings, three brothers, and two sisters.

3. She had her secondary school education at Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School, Lagos.

4. She formed the hip-hop group Weirdos with four of her other friends while in secondary school.

5. Weird MC gained admission into Ogun State University to study Law but left after a year to focus on her music career.

6. Her aspiration to become a basketball player didn’t come true which led her to move back to England with the intention of emigrating to America to pursue her dream.

7. She competed in various rap battles including Club 291 contest in which she came third.

8. She toured the UK with DJ P Tee Money in the later half of 1990 and throughout 1991.

9. She released the single “I Wanna Make You Jack/Let’s Get Wet” in 1992. It received positive reviews from music critics and reached number one in the Choice FM charts.

10. Weird MC released the album Simply Weird on her return to Nigeria in 1996 which featured the self-produced video-single “Allen Avenue”, making her the first Nigerian artist to release a song via that medium.

11. She released her second album, After Da Storm ten years later in 2006. The album featured the Don Jazzy and JJC-produced single “Ijoya” which made airwaves worldwide.

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12. She was the last woman remaining in the celebrity version of the reality show Gulder Ultimate Search in 2010.

13. Some of the awards she has received include an AMEN award for Most Pop Song, AMEN award for Best Hip Hop Album, and a Channel O Music Video Award for Best Special Effect.

14. She became a born-again Christian a few years back.