This Recipe Will Teach You How To Make A Great Pot Of Achi Soup

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how to prepare achi soup

Achi is one soup that every woman should be willing to try out. Not only is it easy to make, but it will also become your favorite in no time, and it can be eaten with practically any swallow.

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  • Water
  •  Goat meat
  •  Okporoko (stockfish)
  •  Azu (smoked fish or fresh fish)
  •  Pepper
  •  Salt
  •  Onion
  •  Seasoning cube
  •  Cowskin
  •  Grounded crayfish
  •  Achi seed
  •  Olugbo leaf
  •  Palm oil
  •  Ogiri

How To Prepare

1. Prepare all the ingredients such as the cow skin, goat meat, stockfish, smoked or fresh fish, add them in a saucepan, add seasoning cube, pepper, onion, salt, and little water, steam for 10-15minutes.
2. Add more quantity of water to be used in preparing the soup to the broth of the steamed ingredients, allow on it.
3. Add the palm oil, achi seed, crayfish and the ogiri together, allow to simmer for 3minutes.
4. Add the olugbo leaf as the last thing, allow to simmer for extra 3minutes before setting off the heat.