Actress Bukky Wright Over The Moon As Son Gifts Her New Range Rover As Birthday Gift

Bukky Wright has received a brand Range Rover as a birthday gift from her musician son, Ojay Wright.

The actress who resides in the US turned a year older on March 31

Ojay shared the news via his Instagram page

Please watch till the end to see the type of human being I am dealing with 😩… She got dressed just to enter the Car and say she’s no longer going out 😭😭😭…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY My Love! ❤️ You are truly an inspiration to your generation and most of all, to your children! You inspire me more than anybody else; To achieve the things you have so far in your xxx years will be a wonderful benchmark for anybody but I love you because you’re always pushing me to do more, to be better at everything I do and most of all to be a better person. Your heart is Gold! I wanna say a big congratulations on your new ride 😏😉 Even tho you like everything Lowkey, and I was warned; but you kuku know me 😜 sometimes, I like to tension dem! Enjoy this for now. Next year, we buy you That Jaguar! 🐆 You will be a very proud Mother! I love you ❤️

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