Want To Marry A Divorcee? Here Are 9 Things You Should Know

Marrying a divorcee comes with its own unique challenges and peculiarities

Marrying A Divorced Man

As a woman, dating or marrying a man who has been divorced can be a rewarding experience, but has its own baggage and challenges.

However, understanding the dynamics of this relationship will help you lay a solid foundation for your future together.

According to 2024 divorce statistics by Forbes, those who wed multiple times face a far higher rate of divorce. 67% of second marriages end, and 73% of third marriages are dissolved.

Before you that plunge, here’s everything you should know before marrying a divorced man.


1. Understand their past

Before making that lifetime decision to get married to a divorcee, understanding their past and the reasons behind their previous marriage breakdown is very crucial.

Openly and honestly discussing these issues can help you avoid pitfalls and help identify any potential areas of concern ensuring that the same problems don’t resurface in the new relationship.

2. Emotional Readiness

While every relationship typically comes with baggage, that of a divorcee is a special kind.

Because they may have trust issues or insecurities due to their past, it is important to ensure that the divorcee has had adequate time to heal, process the emotions associated with their previous marriage, and is emotionally ready for a new relationship.

3. Complex Family Dynamics

Be prepared for difficult family dynamics if your partner has children from a previous relationship(s) or marriage.

Building a relationship with your blended family can be complicated and fraught with drama.  However, setting clear boundaries and expectations for all family members can help create a harmonious environment.

4. Financial Issues

Like any other relationship, it is essential to talk about financial issues such as assets, debts, and financial goals.  It is also necessary to evaluate any financial responsibilities or obligations they may have from their prior marriage, such as child support payments, and how they might affect your combined finances.

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5. Legal Considerations

Before marrying a divorcee, it is important to understand the legal repercussions. This may involve comprehending alimony payments, child support, and any other legal duties resulting from their prior marriage. Consulting with a lawyer can help to clarify these issues.

6. Be prepared for stigma

Unfortunately, getting divorced still carries a social stigma in many societies. Therefore, be prepared for possible judgment or rejection from friends, family, acquaintances, associates, and even strangers, and have a solid support system in place.

7. Manage your expectations

Your partner’s previous relationship or marriage experiences may shape the dynamics of your relationship. It is therefore critical to address and manage these expectations to avoid misunderstandings. Clearly state what your expectations are to ensure that you both are on the same page.

8. Open Communication

No relationship can thrive or succeed without open and honest communication but it is very important when marrying a divorcee. Addressing issues around trust, ex-lovers, children, infidelity and the future can help prevent misunderstandings and strengthen the relationship.

9. Invest in counselling and therapy

An investment in pre-marital counseling and therapy can be extremely beneficial to both parties. A therapist can help you both address any lingering issues from the past and prepare for a healthy and successful marriage.

Marrying a divorcee not only requires trust but also patience and understanding. It’s therefore essential to approach it with open communication, understanding, and a willingness to work through any challenges that may arise. By considering these factors and having honest conversations, couples can build a strong and lasting relationship.