5 Types Of Food You Should Avoid On A First Date

Food Not To Eat On First Date

A first date is usually an opportunity for you and a guy to get to know more about each other and also create a first impression. First impressions are important, as they last forever. As a lady, knowing what to order on a first date and foods to avoid is very important.

Have you ever experienced being on a FIRST date, and in the middle of eating, you realize, I should not have ordered this”? The food might have been too messy or too noisy to eat, amongst other things.

Before making your choice of food, ensure that you think about it and then make an order for the safest food available.

We have highlighted below five foods that you should avoid on your first date.

1.) Draw Soup

We understand the fact that you love being yourself. You may also be a lady who enjoys trying out traditional foods; while trying to make the man see you as being comfortable in your skin, please do not overdo it by ordering a meal you have to eat with draw soup.

We need not tell you that you are most likely to be embarrassed when you end up staining your clothes or looking like an uncultured lady while trying to lick the soup.

Moreover, you may end up embarrassing your date, who may never call you again.

2.) Relatively new meals

A date is not the time to try or experiment with new food. Even though being taken to a fancy restaurant is intriguing and very romantic, try as much as possible to order foods that you are familiar with.

There is nothing wrong with exploring other delicacies, however, an adventure like that should be done within the confines of your house, where you have a good toilet.

What if the meal upsets you and then your date asks, “Haven’t you eaten that before?” Consider how embarrassed you would be.

3.) Sharwama

Foods To Avoid On First Date

It’s risky to order spaghetti on a first date because the sauce can smudge on your cheek or at the sides of your lips. While this can be a good opportunity for the guy to wipe it off with some tissue or with his fingers (as a sign of affection), not all guys will find that cute.

It is therefore considered a no-no on a first date.

4.) Food that tends to make your breath stink

Foods To Avoid On First Date

On a date, you should avoid ordering foods that can give you bad breath. Some foods have a large amount of garlic and onions in them; you should avoid foods like that, as they will make your breath awful.

Imagine how your date would feel if he attempted to peck you or have a close conversation with you and some funny odor kept flying out of your mouth. That could be a total turn-off for some men.

5.) Spaghetti

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Even though you love spaghetti a great deal, you should avoid eating it on a date. Spaghetti is delicious but the act of eating it requires a special kind of skill.

Eating spaghetti on a date could be quite tricky; this is because you would end up messing up your face (makeup) and having the sauce everywhere on your mouth or even dripping on your thigh.

It can get worse if the spaghetti has a lot of sauce. Not only would it spoil your makeup, but it might also soil your dress too.

Moreover, not every lady can handle eating this food with grace while on a date.

Anxiety or excitement can mess up your table manners and give the guy a wrong impression about you, you know.

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