Cee-C, Nina, Alex: Who Is Taking Home The BBNaija 2018 Grand Prize?

Double Wahala is the third season of the Nigerian version of the reality show Big Brother. It began on the 28th of  January 2018 on DStv channel 198 hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

This season was set to run for 12 weeks (84 days) and today makes it 78 days the show has been on.

The show is gradually drawing to an end with it being in its final lap. The housemates have all been screened and evicted to the remaining few in the house and tension keeps rising to know who will take home the grand prize.

However, the question is Which of the female housemates quality for the 45 million? Cee-c, Nina or Alex??

Let’s have a brief rundown.

1. Nina

A graduate of the Department of English, IMSU, Nina started her journey in the house as a lady who was quick to agree with everyone. She tried her best to avoid trouble and easily consented to whatever was asked of her and even made apologies when necessary.

Her relationship with fellow housemate, Miracle was perhaps one of the earliest and that which spurred other housemates into this dating game.

However with time, the character of Nina has witnessed a drastic change- she has become more vocal, stating what she wants and not hesitating to flare out when she feels she has been dealt an unfair blow.

Her relationship with Miracle which many people saw him taking advantage of her took another turn when she publicly announced that he is her friend and she is going back to her boyfriend outside the house once the show ends.

Is Nina capable of handling such money? What are her plans for this money and how well will she fare in the world with it?

2. Cee-c

She came into the house, a firecracker and that she has remained. Verbal, opinionated and tough, she has battled with almost all the contestants in the house and in her opinion, none should get the better of her.

Cee-c believes herself not to be weak, she hates to show any flaw and we wonder if perhaps, that was why she refused to open herself up to fellow housemate, Tobi who chased her for so long and afterwards gave up.

Cee-c will do anything to put anyone who errs in their places- she has no issues speaking her mind and this is also why she is always not far from trouble.

Does she stand a chance to win the prize? Will the luck which has kept her in the house so far keep working?

A Brief Profile On All The Female Housemates In Big Brother Nigeria 2018

3. Alex

Tomboyish Alex is like your girl next door. Jovial, thoughtful and also emotional, she gains attention in a way so subtle, it is surprising.

Alex’s first close friend int he house was Leo and we saw her embittered cry at his eviction but surprisingly, she picked herself back up and started to put in a fight for the money and here she is today.

In so quick a manner, she became best buddies with Tobi, taking his attention away from Cee-c and doing all she could to keep his eyes on her- sharing secrets, eating together and even sharing the same bed.

Most astounding was when she made Tobi give her the bracelet his late father had gifted him, even making him promise to buy her more gifts after leaving the house.

Alex wears the scantiest of garments- she showcases her long limbs and toned butt in small shorts and crop tops, rocking her coloured hair any way she deems fit.

Luck shone on her when she won the Head of House task this past week, saving herself and Nina from possible eviction which brought them to the finals.

Alex has shown that she is dynamic, she will do anything to win and we can clearly see that.

She intends to use the money to further her studies and take care of her sick father.

Is she worth the win?

Are any of the female housemates worth the win? Let us discuss below in the comment section.