7 Things Bound To Happen If You Share The Same Bed With Your Husband

In marriage, it is usually advised to share the same bed with your husband even if there are separate rooms in the house.

You may even desire some space or privacy for a short while. However, if this continues for a long period, it can be harmful to your relationship.

Here are seven reasons why you and your husband should share the same bed.

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1. It helps you communicate properly


When you and your spouse sleep together, you both are able to connect ideas and suggestions about your family. There is no case of one partner losing touch of discussions.

Eye contact is also very important in the process of communication. Sleeping on the same bed allows you to maintain eye contact.

2. Your children will see you as role models

As your children grow up, they will continue to cherish one another. They would also aim at having a loving relationship with their partners in future- it would be their watchword.

Also, their relationships with friends would be improved.

3. Reduces cortisol, stress hormones

No one can avoid stress. You would certainly have a stressful day at work, so it is important for you to reduce those stress hormones.

Sleeping on the same bed with your partner helps you relax and know that someone is there to comfort you.

There could even be a point in time that he would unconsciously give you a massage of relief.

4. Increases your love for one another

The myth that you would get tired of one another isn’t entirely true. You need to have it at the back of your mind that you are both life partners.

When you both sleep together, your love grows even more than ever.

5. Helps you tolerate your partner

Sleeping with your partner helps you tolerate his nuances and weird habits.

If your partner likes to cuddle on the couch while resting, then sleeping with them helps you tolerate them.

This is because you already experience the numerous cuddles while in bed with him.

6. Improves your Sex Life

Of course, when you both sleep on the same bed, you NEED to have sex. When couples sleep separately, they tend to lose interest in having sex.

Why? This is because they are no more used to each other. However, when you both sleep together, you would definitely get more interested in one another.

Your sex life could even get better while you both are sleeping together. If there was something awkward or odd about it previously, something better could come out of it later on.

7. You become gist partners

No matter how introverted you or your partner are, there would still be a way for you both to talk about how your day went.

Gossips are inevitable for interactive couples. When you sleep on the same bed with your partner, you’re both likely to engage in gossip. This builds your interactivity.

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