Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Apply Makeup Without Using A Primer

Primers are not just essentials for makeup artists, you also need them in your makeup kit because they are a very useful addition to your makeup game.

Below are some reasons why you should get a primer immediately.

1. Base for foundation

Face primers act as a base for foundation. It usually prepares the skin for the application of foundation and allows the foundation go on smoothly and last longer on the face.

2. Natural Look

You can wear a primer without having to wear makeup. It usually gives a polished look that makes you glow naturally without makeup.

3. Longer lasting makeup

You must use an eye primer if you want your eye-shadow game to be strong! It brings out the vibrant color of the shadow you are using and makes it last longer. It gives an extra smooth feel and a matte finish.

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How to apply

Primer is usually applied with your hands. You must know that your hand can act as a blending brush because it allows you to work the product properly into your skin as well as get the blood flowing underneath. Some people call this “the face exercise application.”


Most makeup primers are formulated with silicone-based polymers e.g.dimethicone because of their ultra-soothing effect. Please ensure you know what you react to before applying any product to your skin.

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