How To Choose The Best Makeup Primer For Your Skin Type

Primers are essential when applying makeup. It not only acts as a base for foundation or makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer, but it is also an agent that helps to smooth any fine lines, wrinkles, or large pores.

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Choosing the right primer for your skin type may be difficult, especially if you are not knowledgeable about which primer does what. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or even a combination of both, here are the makeup primers perfect for you;

1. Makeup Primers for Normal Skin

If your skin type is normal, which means that your pores are not too large or too small and that your skin doesn’t get too oily or dry throughout the day, you have a few primer options. You likely don’t want a primer that has a mattifying effect, but rather you just want a primer that’ll prolong your makeup, and will have some additional benefits.

Since a dewy finish is really trendy right now, you might really like an illuminating primer. Normal skin types often don’t have any problems like redness or blemishes, so a simple pore-blurring primer can even fully substitute foundation for you.

2. Makeup for Oily skin

If your skin type is oily, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need a mattifying primer. A mattifying primer will prevent your skin from becoming shiny and greasy throughout the day.

Since people with oily skin normally have larger pores, a primer for oily skin types will also have a pore-minimizing effect. Lastly, since oily skin types are more acne-prone, there are some makeup primers out there with anti-acne ingredients that will help keep your breakouts at bay.

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3. Makeup for Dry skin

Dry skin is a little complicated to prime. You want a primer that will moisturize your skin and give you a dewy finish. However, often the word “dewy” is just a substitute for shiny. Unfortunately, shimmer can emphasize flakiness.

Dry skin types have the hardest time finding a great makeup primer, so it’s really important to ask for a sample before purchasing a product. Your goal is to find something that is hydrating and creamy but with a very light texture.

4. Makeup Primers for Combination Skin

With combination skin types there are two options: either choose a neutral primer that won’t overly mattify, but won’t make you look shiny either. It’ll just make your foundation go on smoother and last longer.

Alternatively, you can choose a mattifying primer for the parts of your face where your skin gets oily, and use a different kind in the dryer areas of your face.

5. Makeup Primers for Mature Skin

Primers are excellent for mature skin types because they can fill in and blur wrinkles. Look for a lightweight, moisturizing primer without shimmer.

A lot of makeup primers are made with sunscreen, which is the strongest anti-aging product out there, as well as with antioxidants, so they can actually have a positive impact on the health of your skin. You can also use a firming makeup primer that will tighten your skin up a bit and create a facelift effect.

6. Makeup Primers for Sensitive Skin

Makeup primers are excellent for sensitive skin because they give an extra layer of protection from the environment. Make sure your primer is low on fragrance, so it doesn’t cause any irritation.

If your sensitivity manifests itself as redness, you might prefer a green-based primer to neutralize the red tones in your skin. This way, you’ll find yourself needing to use less foundation. You can also look for soothing ingredients in your primer, like green tea extract or niacinamide.

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