The concept of having a bridal shower before the wedding – a tradition adopted from western culture- has become a norm for every bride-to-be in Nigeria.

Now there are regular friends and there are the bridal-shower-level friends and that’s why the latter friends join together to equip her with the right tools.

Picking a gift can be a task for some people and with that in mind we came up with 5 of our favorite bridal shower gifts.

1. Jewellery Box

Jewelry boxes make thoughtful gifts and a Personalized box with your friend’s name or initials will add an extra special touch. You can also enclose in it a necklace or bracelet too.

2. Lingerie Set

Lingerie have become a modern choice for a bridal shower gift and are considered appropriate gifts in a modern context.

3. Bed linen

Fresh bed linen is both practical and symbolic, as it represents a fresh start and new beginnings. Essentially the focus of a bridal shower was to supply the bride with items for her home, as well as advice and well wishes for her future marriage.

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4. Robe

She’ll use this frilly robe during her getting-ready pics on the day of, but she’ll also love it for later.comforting as wrapping yourself up in a brand-new robe, and with all the running around the bride-to-be will be doing, slipping into a comfy robe at the end of the day will be a stress-relieving necessity.

5. 8 Piece Towel Set

Every new couple needs new towels, either for their own use, or to keep on hand for when they have guests. Each eight-item set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. Multiple color options are available.