This Woman’s Humanitarian Act Is Proof That Good People Still Exist


Lake Michigan was frozen and had a certain ‘sea smoke’ which caused the weather to be disastrous and extremely cold. Snow and intense wind were felt across the cities in the Midwest. There were piles of snow and many homeless people were left without resources to keep them safe during the cold.

Realizing how dangerous the weather was to the homeless people, Candice Payne charged 20 hotel rooms on her American Express card. In the first group of homeless people, she met two pregnant women and a family of five.

“We had to accommodate everyone. It was really overwhelming. They were so appreciative. They couldn’t wait to get in a bath and lay in a bed.”

Candice Payne also bought toiletries, food, prenatal vitamins, lotions, deodorants and snacks and made care packages to help make the people feel comfortable. The restaurants donated trays of food, and many people called the inn.

Payne’s act of kindness influenced other volunteers to continue this humanitarian act. In total, they all bought 60 hotel rooms for the homeless people to stay warm.

One of the homeless men told WUSA9

“We don’t get that type of help. I really needed them at that point, so they came right in time.”

Furthermore, all the volunteers successfully covered three nights for a total of 80 people, according to CBS Chicago. They also say that they hope to work together to help more people in the city who are homeless in the long run.