6 Black Female Activists Who Are Changing The World Today

In the world today, many black women have been involved in various activist groups leading change in the society and balancing the gap between races.

However, there are now black females under the age of 21 who are leading activists and fight with other children to support certain movements.

The list is continuous, as black girls have made the world proud with their achievements.

Here are some of the girls under the age of 21 who lead the movements for black people and women:

2. Naomi Wadler, Speaker and Advocate For Black Girls

12-year old Naomi Wadler is aware of the challenges black girls face all over the world. For her, the fight for the black girl is personal.

Not only am I fighting for other Black girls, I’m fighting for myself as a Black girl. If you don’t fight for yourself, nobody else is gonna fight for you.

3. Nupol Kiazolu, Black Lives Matter Activist

The 18-year old is passionate about black people in America. She joins the Black Lives Matter Movement and becomes a primary activist for better improvement.

I can’t turn my back on future generations that are coming behind me out of the hood.

4. Winter BreeAnne, Voting Advocate

The 17-year old believes that young people should vote, and poltical decisions also come from them, rather than from adults who vote for them.

Young people need to take the power back into their own hands, because if we aren’t voting, there’s definitely a 55-year-old person who’s voting and making decisions on behalf of us.

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5. Marsai Martin, Actress, Film Producer and Director

The Black-ish actor who represents ‘Dianne’ has used her career field as a means of joining the race equality movement.

She has produced a movie Little, which would be out in April 2019.

Marsai wants to be known as a movie producer at the age of 14. She also uses this to encourage other black children.

I hope that [in 21 years] we won’t even have to be a first anymore: first black woman to do this, or first black male, or first woman to do that,” she tells Teen Vogue over the phone. “I hope that we always have diversity, that we have equality and representation every step of the way.

6. Tia (Teni) Adeola

Tia Adeola, a 21-year old fashion designer tries to change the notion of the fashion industry that there should only be ‘skinny tall models’.

The Plus size fashion has also made an impact to what she believes in. This helps to encourage every woman who aspires to be a model and has the potential.

People advise me saying ‘you need tall models on the runway’ ‘they need to be skinny’ it looks more professional or that’s what the big designers do but if it takes me a little longer to reach my full potential because I won’t conform to that I’m okay with it!