Depression Signs In Relationship

In the age of too many suicides and many young women getting into a deep level of depression, it has been ascertained that women who are in an unstable relationship are at higher risk of getting depressed.

These are signs that your relationship may lead you to depression.

1. You feel Dominated

When you feel dominated, oppressed or without a voice in your relationship, it is a sign you should not ignore no matter how much you love the person.

It would not hurt to sit and talk things over. Talk about how you feel, and how their actions and words make you feel. The person you are in a relationship with should be your confidant and allow you room to express yourself.

2. Lack of freedom

If your relationship gives you no freedom at all, then this may sooner or later drive you down the road of severe depression. Having no freedom to make personal decisions within a relationship brings resentment. Over time, this resentment turns inward, manifesting a feeling of being too small.

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3. Too many criticisms

Normal people welcome feedback from their partners, but no one wants insensitive comments. Feedback lets you know in a loving way that what you have done is wrong or affects your partner and/or your future plans negatively. Instead of saying, “Don’t wear that lipstick anymore, it doesn’t look good on you,” why not say, “I think you look better in softer tones than the loud ones.”

Or instead of saying, “You look fat, watch your weight”, why not say, “You will look even more beautiful if you can lose a bit of weight.

4. He controls you

From your hair to what you do with your free time and even your money, your partner tries to tell you what to and what not to do. This behaviour is likely to invite feelings of depression. Your partner should be able to guide you lovingly but not take away your power to make personal decisions.

5. Your partner is always right

It’s fine for your partner to be right always, as long as he or she doesn’t need to be right all the time. Listening is loving. Both of your opinions count. It should never be always his way. You matter and he should know this.