5 Black Soaps That You Need To Try Now, According To A Beauty Vlogger

Black soap is one of the holy grail skin care products that is as old as time. You probably grew up bathing with the local variations or the almighty Dudu Osun or even using it to wash your hair.

Black soap is basically made from the ashes of palm tree leaves, palm oil, cocoa pods, shea butter, camwood, shea tree bark and plantain skin. All these natural ingredients work together to create a sure-fire kickass skincare solution.

Well, the effective power of African Black soap is still being preached about and it looks like it’s gotten even better seeing a new generation organic skincare brands are reinventing the black soap to help you achieve healthy glowing skin.

Dimma Umeh is definitely one of our favourite Nigerian beauty YouTubers and our go-to for the latest in skincare and makeup.   Dimma has been a black soap advocate for over 2 years and she totally swears by it.

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Dimma Umeh/Youtube

In this video, she shares insights on the type of black soaps she uses and how it has helped her achieve glowing skin.

Watch below!

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