Never Heard Of Disposable Toilet Seat Covers? Here Are Benefits That’ll Make You Start Using Them


A disposable toilet seat cover comes in different colours, sizes and brands. It was created as an initiative to prevent the dangers of sharing toilets.

It covers the entire toilet seat properly for better usage. In addition, a disposable toilet seat cover is comfortable for you when you sit due to its softness.

Here are 6 benefits that’ll convince you to start using them:

1. More hygienic

Disposable toilet seat covers are extremely hygienic when it comes to sharing toilet with someone else or using the public toilet.

A disposable toilet seat cover provides a healthier means for you to use the toilet. It doesn’t allow your rear get in contact with the toilet.

2. Waterproof

The toilet water can’t touch your body with the disposable toilet seat cover. It usually resembles a nylon or any piece of material used for protection against water.

3. Cheap

Usually, a set of 100 pieces could go for N1,952. As cheap as they are, you can easily use them for a very long time.

4. Prevents toilet infections


With a disposable toilet seat cover, you can never contact a toilet infection. Whatever infection another person has cannot get to you because you’ve used your protective tool.

5. Mobile

One great benefit of the disposable toilet seat cover is that you can take it wherever you’re going to. Just in case you may feel the need to use the toilet when you go out, take 2 or 3 pieces along with you.

6. Disposable; it’s in the name

You can easily flush them down the toilet whenever you’re through with using them. They don’t have to be used by one person and then the next.

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