Stay Flawless Everyday With These Quick Super-Easy Makeup Tips

Are there times you’re in a hurry to go somewhere? You probably just woke up late and still need to look flawless with your makeup, but it would waste your time, right?

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Never say never; there are still ways you can make it happen.

Here are some easy time-saving makeup tips for you to try out when you just don’t have too much time to slay that face beat.

1. Brush Your Brows

You don’t want to waste time by applying your eyebrow pencil. Brushing your brows and sharpening it to your desired style can just be okay.

2. Apply eyeshadow

You do not have to make it so much. Just a little would do. You could even go nude.

3. Apply mascara

This darkens your lashes. Your lids may also be darkened by the mascara, so you don’t really need your eyeliner during a rush.

4. Touch up with powder

Your foundation and concealer got nothing on you when you’re seriously in a hurry. Your powder would do just fine! Hurry!

5. Gloss for the lips, or maybe lipstick?

Gloss makes your lips glow. You could also try lipstick if you know how to do that fast. However, if you have a coloured gloss, you could use that too.



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