10 Edgy Braided Mohawk Hairstyles That’ll Make You Fix An Appointment At The Hair Salon

Mohawks, frohawks, we all love ourselves some ‘hawks’. This is because of the way the style comes out so well on our faces, right?

Also, it’s something you can easily style on your natural hair when you simply want to use pins and gel. Mohawk hairstyles are never disappointing; edgy braided Mohawk hairstyles are even better, especially since braids are extremely wonderful.

Here are 10 edgy braided mohawk hairstyles:

1. We love the cut and how the braids go well with it.

2. Conventionally, we call this edgy braided mohawk hairstyle ‘Patewo’.

3. This edgy braided mohawk hairstyle is great with the drop.

4. We love how the Mohawk falls back.

5. Not only do we love the bald part; the braids are well accessorized.

6. You can always weave a neat braided mohawk…

7…or a rough one; it’s still beautiful.

8. You’ll definitely love this hairstyle with the little weaves.

9. We love how this mohawk is packed.

10. We love this one-sided mohawk; it looks unique!

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