uses of eggshells

These 6 Surprising Yet Effective Uses Of Eggshells Will Change Your Life


uses of eggshells

Many people see eggshells as trash but they can be surprisingly useful. It might never have occurred to you that eggshells are useful but research has revealed it to be true.

An eggshell is the outer covering of an egg and is mostly made up of calcium carbonate – a form of calcium alongside nutrients that promote healthy joints, like collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine, and hyaluronic acid.

Calcium is essential for humans and is present in food such as dairy products. Eggshell powder from hen eggs has been used in the past s a natural calcium supplement.

Eggshells are roughly 40% calcium and half an eggshell may provide enough calcium to meet the daily requirements for adults, which is 1,000 mg per day.

Consider these 6 surprising yet effective uses of eggshells and we are certain you would stop throwing them away after this.

1. Eggshells can be a rich calcium supplement

uses of eggshells

Here’s how to make your own Calcium supplement using eggshells:

  • Wash your eggs before cracking them for normal use, and save the shells afterwards.
  • Boil the eggshells for 10 minutes with clean water and the right amount of heat to kill salmonella bacteria.
  • After boiling, drain the water in a colander and set the eggshells to dry.
  • Place the dried shells in a clean coffee grinder and grind into powder.
  • Add your eggshell powder in your meals and drinks.
  • Ensure that you use up the egg powder the same day you prepare it.

2. Eggs shells for Beauty Face Mask

Egg shells can also be used in your skincare routine as a face mask. Regular use of this face mask will help restore your skin to its natural glow.

Here’s how to use to make an eggshell beauty mask

  • Mix eggshell powder with one egg white and apply all over your face.
  • Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and let it dry
  • Afterwards, rinse off your face with warm water and proceed to the next step in your skincare routine.

3. Eggshells as compost

uses of eggshells

It has been proven that composting eggshells help to replenish the minerals in the soil. So do your garden a  huge favour.

4. Eggshells to sweeten your coffee

uses of eggshells

This one might sound strange but it has actually been tested and proven as effective. Add some crushed eggshells to ground coffee before brewing it to make it taste less bitter. When you’re done, toss the grounds and shells on your compost heap.

5. Eggshells for Joint Pain Treatment

Soak eggshells in Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass jar for about two days. During this time the nutrients found in the shells are infused into the vinegar as the shell membrane dissolves providing quick relief when you rub the solution on aching joints.

6. Eggshells as Scouring Powder

uses of eggshells

The eggshell powder is also effective as a household cleaner. Use it to scour your pots and pans and watch them look as good as new


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