Going On A Date Soon? Here Are 6 Things To Avoid Doing

Things Not To Do On A Date

Ladies going on dates have to be very careful, particularly if you are seeking for a long, romantic relationship.

You should not scare your date off by saying, wearing or even eating the wrong thing. There are some dating etiquettes and it should be applied when on one.

Below are some things not to do on  a date:

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1. Pretend to Be Interested in Things You’re Not Interested In

This is dating advice that you will always get from any thoughtful adult around you and there is so much truth in it.  Men don’t appreciate it when you pretend you’re interested in all the same things that they’re interested in and then stylishly inform them 6 months in that you actually don’t about sports or you really do not like pizza but said you did because you wanted to please them.

2. Ask Your Date to Take a Bunch of Photos Of You

It gets most men as a bit annoyed when you ask them to take a thousand photos of you especially when it is your first date. To them, it appears narcissistic to take a million photos of you from a variety of angles just to get the perfect shot for Instagram. It also makes you look vain and frivolous.

3. Judge Too Quickly

Of the two genders, women tend to be the ones who write someone off entirely based on something seemingly little and casual, like what kind of food he orders and whether or not he knows what a ‘beauty blender’ is.

Ladies today are more independent than ever before, which means they are also pickier than ever before, and overall that’s a very good thing. But one of the downsides of discarding people based on first meetings is that you don’t end up giving someone a real chance, which means you might shove your way out of a great potential relationship. Instead of judging, keep the conversation flowing by asking very simple and free flowing questions.

4. Keep pressing your phone all through

This is the number one issue men keep complaining about, especially when it comes to younger women. According to them, a lot of younger women spend a good majority of their date on their phone, which is both rude and annoying.

Social media addiction is a serious problem these days but you should definitely have the strength to put your phone into your handbag for two hours. It makes the man feel like you are interested in him and he has your attention.

5. Eat Too Much

Caution is the key word on a first date. Do not, in the bid to prove that you are real start ordering everything on the menu or ask for more helpings. Keep your cool, eat a bit, drink a bit and everyone will be fine. It is not the food which you eat on that day that will take you throughout life.

6. Wear what you are not comfortable in

This is the worst thing any lady can do to herself on a first date. Please and please, it is advisable to always wear clothings you are comfortable in. Dragging your blouse up to hide your cleavage or tugging at your dress all day isn’t going to make you look good.

Wear what soothes you and not what necessarily makes you slay.


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