This Simple Video Will Teach You How To Draw The Sleekest Eyeliner Ever

Eyeliner is a great way to take your makeup to the next level. It can help make your eyes stand out, look bigger, or even change their shape.

This simple eyeliner video tutorial by OmabelleTv will show you how to apply it correctly.

You can take it off with makeup remover and a cotton ball, you can wash it off with water if the liner isn’t waterproof, or you can remove it with a makeup wipe.

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A chubby eyeliner pencil, powdered eyeliner (or powdered eye shadow applied with an eyeliner brush), or a cream liner are all good picks.

A thin pencil is fine if it’s on the softer side. Liquid eyeliner takes a bit more practice.

We hope you caught some fun practicing with this eyeliner video tutorial.