7 Beauty Essentials Every Lady Should Have

How you treat your face matters from skin care regimen to beauty routine. The products you use–and don’t use–drastically affect what your skin will look like. Well, we are here to bring you a list of beauty essentials; skin care and make-up items women should have on hand at all times.

1. Shea Butter  

Shea Butter has many useful qualities and health benefits and one of the best things shea butter is known for is its incredible healing properties. It has antioxidant properties as well as it is of great benefit to the hair. Naturalistas can attest to this.

2. Lip Balm  

The skin of our lips is delicate and sensitive, so it often suffers from aggressive weather conditions. Applying lip-balm when you’re outdoors during the day can help you treat chapped lips.

3. Coconut Oil

You don’t have to have natural hair to have a bottle of coconut oil stored for your skincare. Use coconut as a body oil, use it as a lip balm, spread it on your finger and toe nails, use it a stretch mark cream etc.

4. Cleanser

Facial cleansers and scrubs work well for the facial skin (as well as all over the body) as they help reveal new smoother and clearer skin. Cleansers work more like ‘soaps’ with some coming in deep cleansing, pore refining and more specifically targeted at different skin types.

5. Deodorants And Antiperspirants   

Antiperspirants and deodorants are used for underarm skin to help to reduce the production of sweat.

6. Shampoo  

Shampooing is important because your scalp (which is the birthplace of hair) needs to be clean and clear in order to do its work of allowing hair come through to its surface. Your scalp is an extension of your skin, it needs to “breathe” in order to work optimally.

7. Powder

Powder makes your face brighter and provides a smooth, fresh-looking finish that lets your skin’s natural radiance shine through.