5 Work Outfits Every Lady Can Wear On Fridays

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Most ladies have the recurring question of ‘what to wear at work’ pertinent from Monday to Thursday, but the question comes up more often on Fridays.

One of the trickiest things to do during the week is to pick out what to wear to work on Fridays. However, depending on your work environment, you may be able to pull off super casual styles, like long shorts or sneakers. Regardless of your dress code, it’s Friday, so it’s time to put away your corporate skirts, stilettos, blazers etc and loosen up.

However, it’s always imperative to remember that you’re still at work and can be called into an important meeting at the eleventh hour, and it would be awkward for you to show up in a crop top and ripped jeans.

These are perfect work outfits every lady can wear on Fridays

1.  Print/Floral Knee Length Dress

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You can never get it wrong when you wear a dress like this to the office. The previous days of the week have been so serious and tedious, you can loosen up by wearing a floral dress with bright colours.

2. Chiffon Blouse and Trouser

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No lady misses it in a chiffon blouse. Chiffon blouses are very versatile, they can be worn as corporate and casual outfits. A simple blouse like this would come out well on fitted skirt. It can also be paired with a jeans trouser and flat shoes for that perfect casual look.

3. Kimono Jackets

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Kimonos are very stylish and they have been around for a while but they keep being reinvented. Gone are the days when Kimonos were just long boring fabric just to cover up, these days, they make grand statements.

Huggies Nappy Pants

4. Ankara Dress And Sneakers 

5. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits is a perfect outfit for friday. Jumpsuits are versitile and the styling can be easily switched from corporate to casual depending on the fabric. you can wear Ankara print jumpsuits to switch your style.