7 Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Busy Moms

Balancing a career, family, and kids can be tough. Between getting the kids ready for school and getting to work, the chances of having some ‘me time’ are few and far between.

This busy schedule does not stop working moms from wanting to look good.  That’s why many have a small makeup kit in their purse and settle for wigs and weaves.

Wigs come in handy because they require less styling and maintenance yet keeping your hair under wigs for a long time is not the best way to go.

There are a number of hairstyles you can pull off that equally require low maintenance. These styles require little effort and you can easily get out of the house without worrying about how your hair looks. They can also be styled in many chic ways.

1. Ghana weaving

Ghana weaving styles are always top on the list. They are easy to make and can be worn for about 4-8 weeks. The only thing you need to do is to keep your scalp and edges moisturised.

There are also so many Ghana weaving designs so you can never run out of styles.

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2. Box Braids

Braids are another great option for the working mom. Although it may take a few hours to get them done it’s definitely worth it. You can carry your braids for as longs as 2 months or more. You can also style them in many chic ways if time permits. Ensure you wash your braids when it starts to get smelly. Also, keep your scalp and edges moisturised.

3. Pixie cut

Latest Short Hairstyles

The pixie cut is one of the chicest fixing styles ever. Not only does it fit most face shapes it also requires little care. The pixie cut is indeed perfect for the busy mom.

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4. Crochet twists

Crochet is quite huge in the market and we are totally in love with them. Crochet twists are easy to install and maintain. They are also reusable which is cost effective.

5. Afro bun and other natural updos


If you are a natural hair mom, styling might be an issue for you especially when you have to leave the house on time. A top bun is always the best option because it requires little effort. This also works for ladies with relaxed hair.

6. Flat twists

Flat twists are another style that works for the natural hair lady. Twists can be carried for a week or two without any manipulation.

7. Faux locs

Faux locs are also another great style for working moms. You can make them with Brazillian wool, rubber or get crochet locs. Like braids and Ghana weaving, this style can be worn for a long period of time and are equally easy to care for.

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