These 6 Tips Will Help You Cope Better If You Have Heavy Periods

If you have a heavy period, once you learn to manage it, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable during that time of the month. There is nothing to worry about but if your flow is out of the ordinary, you should see your doctor.

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Here are some ways to deal with heavy periods.

1. Treat your cramps with natural remedies

If you don’t want to take medicine for your cramps, try natural solutions for pain relief. Take a hot shower or put a hot water bottle on your abdomen. Distract yourself with a good book or game to take your mind off your discomfort. Elevate your legs and get some rest. Other ideas for reducing cramps naturally include:

A few ways to deal with this are: take a walk or do some light exercise, like yoga, meditate to lower your stress, and avoid caffeine.

2. Wear dark clothes and underwear while on your period

If you’ve experienced overflow bleeding, be prepared for next time. When you’re on your period, wear black underwear and pants. If you do have some spotting, it won’t be noticeable. You can even set aside a set of dark undies to wear only when you’re on your period.

3. Be vigilant

Get used to checking on things every hour or two. Make a quick bathroom stop in between classes or as a short work break. Check your underwear and pad, and do a wipe test if you’re using a tampon – if there’s blood on the toilet tissue after you urinate, you may be about to bleed through your tampon, hence getting stained.

4. Use the right ‘pad’ for your flow

Tampons and pads come in different shapes and absorbency. Make sure you’re using the right ones for your heavy flow. Super strong tampons and overnight pads offer more protection to your clothes and linens. If you don’t have overnight pads – which are generally longer and thicker – try using two pads when you go to bed, one in the front and one in the back of your underwear.

5. Stay calm if you overflow

Sometimes, overflow happens. In fact, it’s happened to most at one time or another. If you bleed through onto your sheets at night, rinse the sheets in cold water and then immediately put them into the wash. If you bleed into your underwear, you can try washing them (separately or with dark colors), or just throw them away at the end of the day.

The Worst thing that will happen is that you stain your pants or skirt – do what you can to get through the day by tying a sweater around your waist or, if you must, going home early. Shower, change and move on with your day stress-free.

6. Double up on your hygiene products

Using more than one type of menstrual hygiene product can be really effective in minimizing overflow bleeding. If you sometimes bleed through your tampons, use a panty liner or pad, too. That way you have some backup in case you don’t get to change your tampon in time.

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