Why You Should Not Have Sex With Ex

Here Are 5 Tips To Have The Best Honeymoon Sex As A Virgin

Though you have much to enjoy and look forward to in the months and years ahead as a married couple, the honeymoon marks the official intimate celebration for you and your husband as there will be no parents, no more planning details or intrusion.

Well, we can’t say the word honeymoon without sex being a big part of the vacation festivities, however, If you’ll be a virgin on your wedding night, you’re probably feeling some apprehension about what will happen on your honeymoon, but there’s truly no need to worry.

These tips will ensure that your first time is just as how you wished it to be.

1. Communicate

Before you actually get on the bed with your partner, make sure that you have a detailed discussion about things. It is very important to know each other’s sexual preferences and likes and dislikes. So before you actually hit the sheets, spend time with each other talking and cuddling. Talk about what your hopes and fears are.

If you’re nervous because your partner is more experienced than you, tell them. You should never feel nervous or embarrassed about bringing up the subject of sex. Your soon-to-be-spouse is about to become your partner for life, and you have nothing to worry about.

The talks can also eventually turn dirty and naughty. This will not only help you get a better clarity, but it will also help you build a good ambience. The sex that follows after such deep talks is definitely going to be amazing.

2. Let go of expectations

The first time doesn’t necessarily have to be the best sex. It usually is a little lousy and awkward. Whatever happens, just try your best to enjoy that. Do not keep any unrealistic expectations. But all of that is just natural and okay. Take every moment as it comes and just go with the flow.

Don’t focus on how mind-blowing the feelings are (or aren’t), or how this is a monumental moment each of you will cherish and remember forever. Worrying is a distraction. It will only stress you out and ultimately take you out of the present. Instead, be gentle with your partner and focus on how amazing it is to finally be in each others’ arms as a married couple.

3. Ease the pain

When a woman loses her virginity, a little blood and pain are normal. To make things easier and more enjoyable, start with lots of foreplay to get in the mood. You’ll also want to have a good lubricant. Get one that’s safe to use with latex and it doesn’t have glycerin, which can cause yeast infections. Even if you use a lubricated condom, extra lube will make it an even better experience.

4. Take it slow

You need to enjoy and relish every moment of this. So in a bid to get it done, don’t rush into it. We understand the wait has been long but you need to be patient. You can also wait for it until the next morning when you are relaxed and have got some good night’s sleep.

On your wedding night, after the never-ending rituals and traditions, most couples are tired and half dead. So you do not have to force yourself to have sex on the same night just because it is a norm. Take things slowly and keep it smooth and comfortable for both of you. The first time is going to be one of the most special days of your life.

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5. Be confident

You should already feel confident knowing your spouse is crazy about you and thinks you’re gorgeous, but confidence is sexy. Confidence enhances your beauty, inside and out. You can consider buying some really hot and sexy lingerie.

This will build the mood and your first time will be a memorable one.

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