These 5 Tips Would Help You Cope If Your Partner Is A ‘Workaholic’

Being in a relationship with someone who is a workaholic could be tasking, especially if the love and chemistry is there. 

You wonder if he is in love with his job more than with you.

Don’t worry, he loves you but can’t seem to put all his focus on you, because he has to just finish a report or send an email quick, or go to the office to compile a document.

It can be difficult in relationships if a partner is a workaholic, because it may lead to a strain in the relationship because of not lack of interest, but lack of enclosure.

So what do you do when you love be that guy but you don’t seem to seem to be able to get him away from his laptop? Here are five helpful tips.

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1. Understand him

Probably you might not have known of his workaholic habits before you said yes but now that you do try to understand him not t change him. Changing him will probably have negative outcome than a positive. Know why he works so hard and if that is the nature of his job so that you can understand his nature.

2. Don’t encourage him

When you understand him you will have to be firm and tell him you don’t like the way he works. If he can do without his work for a minute, let him use it for other purposes. Don’t leave him and his habit alone.

3. Stop nagging

If you have a habit of complaining about his nature and nagging all the time stop it. It won’t change a myth ng if you only complain and grumble, try being proactive by getting in his business without being invasive. Let him know that he has your support. Do things that would make him realise he his neglecting you like throwing some phrases like ‘It would be fun if you can come with me’, ‘I’ll need your support and help’. Get him out of his chair to help.

4. Fix a routine

Have a set of fixed routines with him and make him see why it is important. It could be date nights, game nights, lunch together.

5. Don’t compare or compete with other relationships

It is much better to focus on your relationship than compare with others. This is more organic. Each relationship has it’s own way, and comparing or competing with other relationship will just not help. Your partner would most likely see it as a waste of time, thereby focusing more on his work. The pace of your relationship should be determined by you and your partner.

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