Understanding Your Skin Tone Just Got Easier With These 5 Tips

How to determine your skin tone

What colours are perfect for your skin tone? Before talking about colours that suit your skin tone, we would like to give a brief run down of how to determine your skin tone.

So many people choose to wear and buy their clothes according to fashion trends rather than picking out clothes based on their skin’s natural colour.

Apparently, this isn’t going to do you any favors, instead, it can make your skin look washed out or make your skin blend in too much with your clothes.

Choosing clothing that will complement your skin tone is not that difficult, but it does require some basic knowledge of colour practical and the ability to determine your skin tones.

Choosing the right colours for your wardrobe will help you look great, feel confident, and you would need very little make-up or accessories to look classy.

Instead of choosing clothes based on fashion trends, choose them based on how well the colours  complement you.

Skin undertones vary from warm (yellow/green-based) to cool (pink/blue-based), and some people have neutral skin tone that works very well with both warm and cool tones.

Below are some ways to determine your skin colour.

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How to Determine Skin Tone

1.) Using Foundation

Ensure that you do not have any makeup on before doing this test. Go to a good makeup store and look for the makeup section or your makeup customer.

Use the makeup tester to check your skin tone. While doing this, look for a shade of warm color, neutral color, or cool color. Apply a small dab of the foundation makeup to your wrist or on your face. Afterwards, choose the color that best complements your natural skin tone.

2.) Using Metal

Be sure that you don’t wear any jewelry or nail polish before doing this test. On your left hand, try on a bracelet, wristwatch, or a ring in gold material. On your other wrist or hand, wear a silver bracelet, wristwatch, or ring.

A metal like silver will complement a person with cool skin tone, while gold metal will look better on a person with a warm skin tone.

3.) Using Paper

Again, before doing this test, ensure that you are not wearing any nail polish or jewelry. Then use a plain, white piece of paper and place your palm and hand on it.

Turn over the paper to see your palms and arms. Check if there is a distinctly blue or pink cast. If you see one of those colors, then your skin undertone is cool. If you see an orange or yellow cast, then your skin tone is warm.

4.) Using Color

You should not be wearing makeup when doing this test. Tie up your hair and put on a white scarf or white shirt to cover your hair. Use different fabric colors then drape them over your chest and shoulder – you could use a colored shirt, a scarf or towel.

Observe how this color reflects on your complexion while facing the mirror. Cool skin tones will look wonderful with colors like gray, blue-green, purple or blue.

On the other hand, warm skin tones will be more attractive with colors like brown, orange, yellow, and yellowish green.

5.) Using Comparison

Comparing your skin tone to others’ skin tones could also be very helpful. Ask a friend of yours to stand in front of the mirror. Compare each complexion.

Skin tone that looks pinker compared with the others has cool skin tone. Next to the others, a person who looks more golden most times is one with a warm colour tone.