This Is How To Pick The Right Foundation For Your Skin Tone

For black women, picking the right foundation for our varying skin tones can be a difficult task. Several makeup brands now have makeup ranges that cater to women of colour, since for a long time, such beauty products catered mostly to the whites.

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When selecting a foundation it is important to match the skin color exactly. Foundation should match your neck color to avoid the fake line along your jaw and should bring out your natural color, not mask it. Visit a local makeup counter and place stripes of foundation colors from your cheek down to your jaw. Then take these tiger stripes for a walk outside. Some darker skins cause makeup to oxidize, so let the foundation set for at least twenty minutes then check the colors in natural light. Finding the right shade of foundation will give you the perfect base for trying out new makeup colors to complement your skin tone.

The best way to get started with determining the type of skin tone you have is to see which of these three categories you fall into.

Even with the number of shades, black skin can be broken into three main categories:

1.Dark skin tone

The darkest of African American skin tends to have a strong grey or reddish undertone. This skin color formula is best with makeup colors that are primary hues of red, mauve and magenta. Your foundation colour must look like your skin tone when you are done. Anything lighter is not your colour.

2.Medium skin tone


The perfect foundation colour for the medium skin is the in-between range; not too light and not too dark. Most dark skin falls into the middle category with a medium color tone. The makeup shades most beneficial for these colors are shades with red and blue undertones.

3.Light skin tone


For a light skin tone, your foundation should not be dark or not light enough. If the foundation is not your match, your face will most likely look darker than the rest of your skin. Most skin colours that fall into the light skin tone category are usually yellow or olive shades. A colour palette with earthy tones work best for it.